two travel days left, but cant book another jurney…

  • 19 April 2022
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Hello :)

I left my country of residence (from Germany to England) on one day, and returned a week later. In the app, it says I’ve used up 2/4 travel days, and 2/2 Outbound/Inbound days, which makes sense. However, now I want to book two further travel days (from a city within Germany to another city within Germany, not leaving the boarder), yet I get an error when trying to activate the journey saying „no outbound/inbound journeys left“? Seeing as I am not leaving Germany, I don’t understand the message… I tried to contact the support but so far no response… I don’t have too long left with the ticket, so would love to get some feedback… 

thanks in advance for help!:)

all the best



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You can only use Interrail in your country of residence on a maximum of 2 travel days.

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So-wenn du also dies noch nutzen willst, dann musst du bis/ab Grenze eine Zusatz DB-karte zukaufen. INnerhalb DE geht also nicht. Dafür bietet DB jetzt noch eine sonder-billig JugendTarif zu nur 12,90. Das steht selbstverstdl. ganz klar-und ist schon seit Anfang diese Pässe so-im allgemeine Info.