UK and France ravel with the global pass

  • 17 June 2022
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  1. Does the Eurail 22 day global pass cover anywhere in England outside of London for the Chunnel?  Example: Could I go from London to Highclere, Stonehenge, Oxford, Liverpool or Manchester and back to London at different times using it so long as I stay within my 22 days?
  1. Would this same pass still be what I use to go from London to Paris and around France before returning to London, or would I need another pass for this leg of my travels?

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4 replies

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A global Eurail pass covers all participating railway companies in 33 participating countries.

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The Eurostar from UK to mainland Europe has limited number of seats for pass holders and popular departures are sold out weeks, and sometimes months, in advance. Just so that you know. 

That's confusing as the UK is not listed on the list of 33 countries. 

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That's confusing as the UK is not listed on the list of 33 countries. 


It is listed under Britain or Great Britain for the network of England, Scotland and Wales with a separate country listing for the network of Ireland including Northern Ireland.


Virtually all trains in Britain (and Ireland) are valid with a global pass and reservations are NOT required for anything other than sleeper trains,


The main places you are likely to encounter in UK where Eurail is not valid is London Underground, Docklands Light Rail, and a few regional tram or metro networks.