Unable to add trip to my pass - received a fine and no refund

  • 20 June 2022
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Hello all,

I wonder if somebody can help me. We went to board the glacier express on May 12, 2022 and I tried to add the trip to my pass and I was unable to do it in the app. However, I was successful to add the rest of my trip. I bought the Global pass for 7 days travel within 21 days. I tried asking for help with 2 OBB offices one in Bern, Switzerland and one in Brigs before hopping into the Glacier express. Both had told me that the glacier express should be covered by the Eurail pass. When we board the train I explained to the conductor my issue. The conductor proceeded that if I’m not able to produce a ticket that he has to charge me and to sort the issue with Eurail. He charged me 1,165.00 swiss francs for the 5 of us. He gave me the receipt and stating that I could not activate the train tickets in the app. I e-mailed Eurail right away that day and attached the receipt and the issue. 1 month later I got an e-mail from Eurail and stated that there will be no refund will be issued as it’s user error. I’ve asked them if it’s user error how come I was able to add the rest of my trip to the rest of my travel days (I’m still waiting for their response). Can anybody guide me how I can get this money back or I have to accept that this is all my fault? 

I’ve activated my travel day on May 12 with no trip added to it. I’ve made the reservation for Glacier express vie Eurail. Thank you for your time and help.

PS very frustrating dealing with Eurail via e-mail - hard to explain to them about the issues.  I wished I opted with the paper pass to avoid this issue.

Devastated Canadian,


Jay Restar


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It's very difficult to say what happend in the app without having more details.

What does this mean: "I tried to add the trip to my pass and I was unable to do it in the app”?

Was there an error message? If so what error message and at what stage exactly did it occur?

Could you add a journey to My Trip (after looking it up in the planner)? Or was that already impossible?

Could you post a screenshot of My Trip for the 12th of May?

Hi I hope this helps. There is no error message it’s more like when I tried to add the trip to the mobile pass it won’t add it.

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I'm afraid this indeed looks like user error.

There can only be one trip connected to a pass and in your case that is the trip with the nam "Restar's Europe Trip 2022”. In that one trip, you add all journeys for which you use the pass. That would have included the journey with the Glacier Express. The trip with "Glacier Express tour” is not connected to a pass and cannot be used.

What does strike me though is that none of the staff figured that out. You could have added the required journey by tapping on "+Add a journey” in the empty travel day and then save it to "Restar's Europe Trip 2022”.

Or did you try that and it didn't work? In that case, what happened after which step?

Yeah I’ve tried adding the journey and it always ask me to add the trip and it’s just goes to the timetable or the planner. I wished that there is a person knew the app - that is the frustrating part - I’ve asked multiple people with no luck. I also wished that I got the paper copy rather than the mobile app. Now I’m $1500 Canadian dollars short. 


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Yeah I’ve tried adding the journey and it always ask me to add the trip and it’s just goes to the timetable or the planner.

Could you please describe step by step what happened? (You could still do this, even if the pass is not valid anymore.) Starting from when you tap on "+Add a journey”? Normally, it should direct you to the planner, where look for train or journey and then tap on "Save journey”. Then it should propose the trip to save to.

  1. Which trip did you select there?
  2. What happened after you tapped on "Save to trips”?


I figured it out! When I was in the planner I put in the Brig to Chur and the time we travelled. What I was doing was adding it to the Glacier express trip which is not connected to my pass. I added it to my Restar Europe trip and it worked and added it that produces the QR code.

It was so simple! I wished somebody had showed me how to do it when I asked for help before our train trip. Nobody knows how to help me with the app - they just told me that the Glacier express is included in the Eurial pass. Now, I’m not going to get my $1,500 Canadian back - that's a big chunk of money loss. I wished I opted for paper copy - lesson learned.