Unsure about the One country pass travel days

Hello there! It is my first time visiting Europe and I am unsure of how the One country pass works.


Would really appreciate if anyone could provide me advice so that I can plan accordingly and buy the right tickets.

My itinerary for Italy is as follow:

  1. 15 August: Travelling from Domodossola to Milano Centrale. Then travel from Milano Centrale to Venezia S. Lucia (considered as 1 travel day)
    16 August: Travelling from Venezia S. Lucia to La Spezia (considered as 1 travel day)
    18 August: Travelling from La Spezia to Roma Termini (considered as 1 travel day)
    19 August: Travelling from Roma Termini to Naples Central station (for a day trip to Pompeii). Then travel from Naples Central station back to Roma Termini (considered as 1 travel day)
    20 August: Travelling from Rome Termini to Fiumicino International Airport (considered as 1 travel day)

    As long as within the day itself, and within 24hours (ending at midnight), I will be able to take unlimited trains with the One country pass? Therefore, based on the dates above, I should purchase the 5 days pass?
  2. During the abovementioned dates, I will be travelling within the city which will likely require me to hop on and off metros within Italy. Thus I would like to check if this One country pass not only includes high speed trains between cities but also for metros within the city itself?

    Please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. Thirdly, will the journey between Domodossola to Milano Centrale be covered under the One country pass? As I will be travelling from Switzerland and will be purchasing the swiss travel pass. Therefore I am trying to save costs by travelling from Brig to Domodossola (covered under swiss travel pass), and from Domodossola to Milano Centrale.

Thank you in advance!




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The Journey Rome to Rome Airport are about 14€ means it´s cheaper as a travelday value so i count you need just 4 traveldays + a ticket from Rome to the Airport

The Interrailpasses does not include metros,trams,buses or ferries within the Cities :/
depending on your journey´s in Switzerland you may buy a Globalpass as this covers your train journey´s in Switzerland and Italy.
Just note in Italy you have to pay on top of the Railpass for reservations about 10€ per Highspeed train you can avoid them by useing regionaltrain services but these will take longer.

You may have a look on the Trenitaliapass instead of OneCountrypass as the Trenitaliapass includes the reservations :) But take not that the Trenitalia pass counts per Train means if you change for example from Domodossola to Venice in Milan the trains you will use 2 trips of the Trenitaliapass :) There are few direct trains from Domodossola to Venice or from Chiasso to Venice. Just note you could take between Domodossola & Locarno the scenic Centovalli Railline with your Swiss Travelpass :)

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Hi, smart singy from fine clean city.

You may not gain very much with a pass-check what advance tix would cost-you do not make really long trips and to/fro LaSp (5 earth? that overhyped cinqueterre?) is not hi-speed frecce so lower in cost. But this will mean you tie into fixed dates/timings, but it will release you form the cumbersome REServations as you have them already!

Also likely you come from the Swiss as you mention Domdo: again check what ticket would cost from start in Swiss. OR use the slower regional treni Domo->MIlano, withouyt any need to REServe.

Also DO note that if you decide on pass, make REServ via not TrenItalia. Lah!