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  • 23 January 2023
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Hello, I am trying to add my interrail pass on the gsm application. And an error message appears "update the app to continue". I reinstalled the application 3 times, checked if there were any new updates and I found that the last update had been installed. especially since my phone is less than a month old, so there is no problem on this side. I don't understand and I would love to be able to install my pass on my phone. could you please help me?

thank you and have a nice day


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6 replies

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Hi, what do you mean with gsm application?

I mean mobile app, sorry it’s a bad translation from a belgian expression

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Although not an expert I suspect it is asking you to update a phone app, not the Interrail one. GSM seems to be a system app and, even though the phone is relatively new, most phones carry out an automatic update check on first use. If you have a local phone shop they should be able to advise.

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There’s probably a bug in the app again, you’re not the only one:


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Indeed, to speed the bugfix you can make a notice here .

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This KB article describes the information to include: