URGENT!!! 7D flexi global pass no QR code

  • 20 November 2021
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I need help urgently, cant retrieve QR code for my global pass from Eurail mobile apps , now I am traveling and got penalty 74Swiss franc last night in Zermatt . I seek assistance in Zermatt train station, No one can help me, How do I continue my journey with this pass with NO QR code ?  This is my first day in Europe and I still have 10day days need to go …. Can any one assist? I email , message to customer service but they reply need 5days. 


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Hi, did you use this help formular: Have you chosen that you are traveling now? If it is so, they will be back to you asap (max. 5 days, but in most cases sooner). 

 @Nanja  will answer only on Monday :(

The Mobile Pass works also without QR-Code, when you can show the written information about the pass. (Name, duration, ...).

There are some tips that you can do with the app, but I don’t know them, but some other in the community will answer shortly with them. (I hope so)

Ask also at every train station if they can help you, and also you could ask the train conductor if it is ok to take the train with your problem before boarding the train or on the train you go directly to the conductor. 

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What does "cant retrieve QR code” mean?

  1. Did you activate your pass?
  2. Did you link it to a trip?
  3. Did you enter your journey in that trip?
  4. Did you add your journey to your pass?
  5. Is there any error message? If not, where do you get stuck? Please post the error message or the screen where you're stuck.
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Hi @Angel Simon, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with your Pass. Regarding the fine, just make sure you keep all the receipts/tickets so that you can forward it to our Customer Support. 

I've searched for your email in the system, but did not find any message. Can you send me the email address used when contacting Customer Support via a private message? 

I also advise you to go to '’more'’ in the app → '’settings'’ , scroll down to switch on '’enable error logging'’ and click on '’export and send'’, when you still cannot get your QR code. This way our IT department received all your data to help fix it.

In the meantime, it can help to restart or reinstall the app and wait for a couple of minutes.

if you are boarding a train soon, please follow the advice of @Angelo to go to the conductor to explain the situation before boarding the train. 

Looking forward receiving your message, so that our Customer Support can help getting it sorted for you.