use the Interrail Mobile Global Pass to travel in countries outside Hungary, after using out my in/outbound journeys

  • 13 August 2022
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Hello everyone,

I have a question about using interrail global pass and I hope you can help me with it from your experience. In my pass for 2 months I can only choose 1 trip outbound and inbound trip, is that mean I should travel for only one time within 2 months or I can finish the first trip and back to my country and then do another trip?

I planned to travel for one week so what happened if I want to do another trip , did my pass will be expired or I need to buy a ticket to nearest city outside my country and also for coming back every time when I travel?

How many times have I can travel and come back to my country by using 2 monthly global pass?



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The rules are simple:

Your pass is valid for the full period of 2 months from activation.

 You can use it as many times as you want outside Hungary. Note that although the app only allows one trip per pass, that actually covers all your travel during the full 2 months.

During the 2 months you have 2 days where you can, if you want, use it in Hungary to assist a journey in or out of Hungary. These can be taken at any time during the 2 months and do not need to be accompanied by a border crossing e.g. to get to Budapest for a flight.  These days cover all trains you take on that travel day, both in and out of Hungary. So Bud to Vienna and then onward is no problem equally a journey from Szeged to Bud then Bud to Vie also OK.

If you want to make several journeys in/out of Hungary you would need to buy a ticket from Hungary to the first station over the border (or a flight or bus) and then use your IR pass.


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And DO note that MAV charges an awful lot more-also for the HU sector-on allINTern tickets-so plan wisely. They will also seek and fine you if you try to cheat with that-thats MAVia.