Use the three month pass in non-consecutive months

Dear Railers,


I want to get a 3-months interrail ticket. However my question is whether  can use it in ANY three months of this year. So for example can I use the month of July, then September and then December? or does it have to be conscetuvie months (e.g. June, July, August).

Furthermore i had the question whether i can take any train (e.g., also the ICE train in Germany)

Thank you so much for the information!


Yours, Levin


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1 - 2 - 3 month CONSECUTIVE.=without breaks

You can use ANY train that is from a company and type of train that accepts passes-DB/ICE does of course and is even with REServ optional. It really varies a lot per country if about any train is included or just the main state run burocratic railway. Many countries still only have-like UK once had with BR- just that state run major railway and nothing else.

Just from memory and for short; IN DK - IT - AT - FR - ES - CZ - PL - RO there are quite a few (mostly short branches) lines with trains that do not take passes. The usual normal touristy 1st timer will have a hard time even finding these.

IT - CZ - SK - ES - DE+SE (Flix) also have private low-cost fast trains that will not take passes.

Cheers, thanks so much for this!