Using a Mobile Pass - QR Code Questions

  • 19 June 2022
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I’ve got a global mobile pass. Sorry if these are stupid quesitons, but this is my first time using it. 

  1. When should I connect a journey to my pass? Should I wait until I’m on the train?
  2. What happens if I connect a journey before I board and then miss that train or the train is cancelled? Can I just get on the next train to the same destination using the same QR code?
  3. If my journey has multiple changes, do I need a QR for each stage? For example, I want to go from Bruges to Berlin, which takes c8h overall and has 2 changes. Do I get one QR code for the whole journey when I board at Bruges, or do I break it down into stages and get a separate QR code for each stage?

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1.thats-officially-too late, it should be done the latest chance before boarding (though hitherto I´ve only used paper passes and done it in train when seated)

2.officially not-there might be the slight chance that its another company_a well known fact for those from UK-and the app is mostly there so that all partcipators get their fair share of revenue in the final end

3.I understand the QR is the same for the whole,day, but the trips reports should be separate (Thats what I learned from other postings)

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You should never activate a travel day, that is connect a journey to your pass, until just before boarding the train, otherwise you loose a travel day if you have a flexi pass and your travel plans change before you board the train. 

You can't delete a travel day in the past. A travel day can only be deleted until 23.59 CET the day before the travel day.

The advice is also not to activate the pass  before the first travel day as you only can deactivate the pass before 00.00 on the day the validity starts.

It can be wise to test to activate the pass, with a validity date in the future, to see that it works, and then immediately deactivate the pass