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  • 3 January 2023
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I’m about to start using my 3 month continuous interrail pass. My home country is UK.

I understand I can only use one inbound and outbound eurostar. Does the outbound eurostar have to be at the beginning (i.e the first train journey) and the inbound the last one ?

What happens if I use an inbound eurostar after 3 months - does it mean I cannot use for last 1 month?





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The In/Out rule can be very confusing but in reality it is simple (and totally misnamed).

With all global Interrail passes on up to 2 travel days of your choice you are allowed to use the pass in your home country as if you were in any of the other countries in the network.

So you have total freedom on those 2 days how and when you use your pass in your home country. You do not need to cross borders, you can come in twice, go out twice - It is totally in your hands when and how you use those 2 days, if at all - they come out of your travel day allowance so you may use alternative means to leave and return to your home country.

This is managed by the app and whenever you select one or more journeys on a travel day which include your home country it will warn you before you add it to your pass and then add it to total. Once you reach 2/2 it will not allow any further trains involving travel in your home country.

I believe the majority of pass users that use this concession from the UK do in fact use it for trips getting to London and an onward same day Eurostar and back, but it can equally be used for getting to an airport or ferry terminal and then picking up a train on arrival.

For example I used it last year for 2 E*/LNER returns from one-way Fly/train trips.

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A travel day is from 00.00 to 23.59 CET which is 23.00 - 22.59 GMT.