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  • 30 April 2022
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In July I will start my first Interrail-Trip through Scandinavia. I already bought  the seat-reservations for the Inlandsbanan and I want to use a travelday from my mobile pass for the journey. But I cant find this route on the rail planner App. How can I add this route to my journey and how can I get the "ticket" for that travelday.


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Many not that usual connections are not in the app. You can add any wished for trip also enter manually- in that case please use exact foreign script (Roma, not Rome for the capital of ITaly).

Trävlig Resan, they say in swedish=happy travels.

Please also note that if you do the whole stretch-as far north as Gällivare, do pre-plan+book the connection to/fro there. It is also wise to look for accomodation in stop-over places: most of these are just tiny villages with not that many places. 

Personally I found the southern stretch Östersund via Dalarna province the nicest-the long northern part gets a little boring after 3-4 hrs of all the same trees and woods.

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Possibly the timetable will become visible with one of the next app updates. There's no need to add the journeys already and you can always add them manually indeed, even minutes before boarding the train.

WARNING!!  the inlandbannen website says that reservations are not compulsory. The conductor says the website is wrong. Today it’s full and I have to get off when it becomes full. Very annoyed. 



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Reservation is not mandatory on Inlandsbanan, but if you don't have a reservation you can only travel if the train isn't full. So to be sure that you don't have to leave the train you need a reservation. 

From Inlandsbanans website:

"Kom ihåg att komplettera din biljett med platsreservation, det är det enda sättet att vara garanterad att få plats på tåget. All övrigt resande sker i mån av plats"

"Remember to supplement your ticket with a seat reservation, this is the only way to be guaranteed a seat on the train. All other travel takes place subject to availability"