Vienna to Paris with stops in Salzburg and Zurich

  • 26 September 2023
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We are starting our Journey in Vienna on 22nd Dec , leaving Vienna on the 26th travelling to Salzburg on 26th then to Zurich on 28th , then to Paris on 29th, Can we reserve seats and do we use the same train all the way through?  If you could advise which train we should book on.  It would appear the timetable is still not available on the eurail website. Do you know when it will be and is it risky to wait? 

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The 2024 timetable (from 10th December) will be published around mid-October. You cannot book tickets or reservations yet.

Reservations are optional (but recommended) until Zurich. They cost 3€ in 2nd class or 0€ in 1st through (Austrian railway company).

There are loads of trains on that route, have a look at the current timetable.

TGVs between Zurich and Paris have a 29€ mandatory reservation. To save money you can board the TGV in France, like Strasbourg or Mulhouse : 10€ limited fare, then 20€. International TGV journeys on (2€ fee per person per train) and domestic TGV journeys on (4€ per order). I'd recommend booking a few weeks in advance around the busy Christmas period.


I rang on the link recommended to book TGV Lyria. Zurich to Paris Gare de Lyon. They don’t accept Visa. Only Amex which I don’t have. And recommended Europe Rail to book seats which I also had trouble with them recognising Eurail. Could only purchase tickets not reserve them. I also tried DB online for 29th Dec 11am for 4 people and it is telling no reservations available which I hope it doesn’t mean they are booked out? Is this possible? 

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Passholder reservations for the TGV-Lyria shouldn't sell out if there are still seats available for purchase. I don't think there's a Eurail quota, like there is on some trains. If there's a seat available, you can buy it.

You should be able to buy these on the Eurail website. Unfortunately I can't check, as you have to have an active trip to check live availability.

B-Europe can't book the full France <> Switzerland journey. They can book the domestic French portion only.

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Ah yeah that issue with credit cards (simply annoying for a big company like SNCF)…

Your best option is to wait until trains appear on I can't check either if they're already there or not but don't worry there are still hundreds of seats left. There is no quota, the passholder fare is already expensive enough…


Any advice from my last post 5 days ago?

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What was your question ? Your last post here seems to date from 10 days ago.

Salzburg - Zurich is now available on : 3€ per person per train (incl. seat map).

I can’t check for Zurich - Paris on but I assume that TGV Lyria are available now too. What do you see on while logged in ? Feel free to post a screenshot (without personal info).


Hi Was 25 Oct . I was a bit long winded but have cut and paste 

I finally managed to reserve seats for  the TGV Lyria Zurich to Paris through the app but not sure if it linked through the website thus avoiding the apps effort to find a timetable. Is that how it works? Either way it did not populate the app with the trip. Are there lots of glitches using the app? As I have now reserved 2 trips through ÖBB, and with Eurostar direct I have to add each manually which populates the planner. However each time I go back into the app they in a random way disappeared off some or all of my family’s passes. I have stopped short of activating the pass with my passport but would that be the issue? 

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Glad you could book the TGV ! Yes it redirects you to

Reservations and app are totally separate, they will never appear on the app or be linked to it. You need to log which train you'd like to take, this can be done at any point prior to boarding.

Whenever asked on the train show both the app (pass) and the PDF (reservation). Optional reservations don't need to be shown.

I don't know the specifics about multiple passes on the same device. Be aware that you won't be able to travel separately if everything is on the same phone. You may think it will never happen but you never know for sure…

Have a look at this page, maybe it'll be helpful :