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Bonjour, nous sommes un groupe de scouts de 39 personnes et nous aimerions prendre un interrail de 4 jours sur le mois de juillet. Nous partons de Belgique (Liége Guillemin ou Bruxelles) et nous allons a Pula en Croatie puis nous rentrons en Belgiques. Mes questions sont: - Est-ce que c'est possible d'avoir des réductions pour un groupe aussi gros. - Comment pouvoir esquisser des itinéraires sans devoir acheter les interrails a l'avance. -Et est-ce que vous pouvez nous faire l'itinéraire si je vous communiques les villes dans lesquels nous voulons nous arrêté?


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No idea if discounts are possible. You can ask customer service, or better watch out for any promotions. I hear there's one starting this Friday.

You don't have to buy a pass to plan a journey. For international planning, the Deutsche Bahn planner is one of the best. Additionally, if you want to avoid expensive reservations, avoid France and Italy. Travel via Germany and Austria.

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Highly doubt if a pass will be worth it for making this as return. Much better to contact a specialised agency-it will also mean a BIG problem to get the needed REservations for such a big group-this is not NMBS/BE where this is common practice in the vakanties.

Also train to PUla is very, very restricted-is not that that half-isle hanging down but have to pass SLO for HR. Use a planner like for an overview of what connections are shown. Yes-you can board at that superwhite Calatrava bow-span gare of Guillemins-ICE to KÖln and onward.