Website account and Rail app don't match

  • 21 April 2022
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I noticed this morning that my account on and the Eurail Rail Planner app are not matching. For example, my trips don't match on both platforms and the seat reservations I made and paid for on the website don't show up on the app. Did I do something wrong? How should I fix this? Thanks!


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I don’t think it is possible to connect reservations to the app. You have to show them as PDF or to print them (please note the information in the booking emails). Also it should not work to connect trips on the website with trips on the app. 

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Correct, reservations are completely separate and do not show up in the app. In addition, they can be made in many places so often that would not be possible anyway, since the app has no way of knowing.

So, just to be sure… There is no way to :

  • Make appear a reservation i booked online on my app,
  • Book a reservation from the app

So, if i followed well, i have a tool on my app with the QRcodes of my tickets but only the non-reservables ones, the other, booked from the website, can’t be synchronised on the app… I don’t know what to say, i don’t wan’t to be unpleasant.. Look’s like french digital services…

And moreover, i noticed that often i find a journey on the app but the website bugs and i can’t find it online… and so i can’t make the reservation… Whaou.. 2022…

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  1. In the app, you add all trains (to My Trip and My Pass) that you are going to use. You can do that shortly before boarding a train. Your pass is your ticket (with a QR code for each travel day), for all trains you are taking, including the ones with mandatory reservations. The app is currently just a replacement of the paper pass, with some added informational functions.
  2. Reservations are separate and sometimes mandatory. You can often make them via the Interrail website but I noticed it is struggling with demand, especially in the evening. There are also many other places to book reservations, see e.g. this page for an overview of the most important ones. For specific advice, we need for each train: origin, destination, date, departure time.
  3. If you want to plan a journey, the app is not the place to go. Its timetable is offline and only updates about once per month. It's better to use national planners/apps, and for international planning, use the DB planner or DB Navigator app, which is updated twice per week.
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Were mobile passes intentionally designed to be overly complicated and confusing?  Last time I used Interrail it was with a paper pass and was wonderfully simple and worked without hesitation.  I knew I had the pieces of paper therefore I knew I was ready to travel whereas now I have to pray it works on demand when required and we all know of instances when things just don’t work when called upon!  This idea of a mobile app seems to have had layers of complication inserted into what should be a very simple procedure … When I used a paper pass it was so simple, the Inspector asked to see the piece of paper and I also showed him a print of the seat reservation.  When I bought my soon to be used 15 day Continuous Pass it had to be on a ‘mobile’ basis, there was no option to have paper … never again, if they don’t have paper they likewise don’t have a customer!  But I’m sure they know how to run a business while ignore the customers’ preferences.

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When I bought my soon to be used 15 day Continuous Pass it had to be on a ‘mobile’ basis, there was no option to have paper 

Paper passes still exist.

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Hi (again) rvdborgt and again thanks for replying but again … nice try but not in this case.  My pass was purchased on their Black Friday 20% discount offer and as I said in my post one of the terms was mobile only, not available as paper!