Website is not working - can't buy a pass

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Hey there, 

I wanted to buy one of the flash sale passes today but the Interrail website is not working properly. Whenever I want to check out the site isn’t loading and it says there are technical difficulties. Am I the only one experiencing this?

And does anybody know if there's another way to buy one of the flash sale passes because the offer is only valid until tomorrow midnight and I’m afraid I can't buy one if the website is still not working. 

Thank you for your help!


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The sale ends tomorrow (10.05. included), you can buy also at DB Reisezentrums if online do not work. 

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Hours and hours I am waiting too - with mobile phone, with laptop, different browsers, cleaned biscuits and Nothing! @Nanja what to do? 

This is also happening to me! I’m looking to get two passes but have been stuck on a buffer sign for 2 hours! Can’t seem to get in touch with any customer support that’s not a bot.

The same thing is happening to me. I am trying to order a 2 month 2. class pass.

The same thing is happening to me. Also, two 2 month 2. class passes.

Me too. :( Will we be able to point to this as evidence and buy once it's working again even if that's after the deadline?