What does "6/7 left" means on the app? Does the app inform the number of travel days planned for my Trip?

First Interrail (7 days within 1 month). I’ve build my trip on the app, and I don’t understand what does “Travel days: 6/7 left” at the top means.


Also it is possible to know the number of travel days my Trip will take, so I can do a better planning?



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Use OTHER planner-the app is often outdated. is often said to be best, most far reching, but still not 100% complete.

You should be able to use any train on a chosen/activated day that actually also leaves on THAT day=<23.59 till end of ride.

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“Travel days: 6/7 left” means that you have already activated 6 of your 7 travel days. It's not a good idea to do that in advance; the best is to do that only shortly before boarding the first train of the day. Since if you change plans and forget to deactivate a travel day, then you loose it.