What does my Pass cover?

  • 21 October 2021
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My mother and I have our Passes and now I am trying to see what the pass itself covers. 

We are planning to go through several countries but I was wondering if the Pass only covers the main trains between countries or also smaller lines within each country?


For reference, we are going to Paris, Germany, Prague, Vienna, Austria, Rome and Switzerland. 


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Hi rvdborgt, 

The only difference between the documents should be the format being a webpage and a pdf. The following:  Angebot - Die Beförderer ( is the best one to use. As it is a webpage is it more likely to be up to date. 

The pdf is dated from January. We will check with DB if they have a newer version available of the pdf

Have a great week ahead :smiley:

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I do want to check that with our Product team to be 100% sure. I will come back to you on Monday @rvdborgt. Have a great weekend! 

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Here's a general overview:

For more details, check the individual countries:

@Nanja, for Germany, the general overview links to another document than the overview on the specific page for Germany. Which one is the best one?