What is the right pass for my travel help please


Hi there my wife and I will be travelling soon from Rome - Florence  - Venice - Interlaken  - Paris - Paris Disney - London. 
Starting on 24 July in Rome spending only a day in some locations with our final train Paris to London on the 3rd August. 
would the 7 day in 1 month be the right choice? And would it cover all the destinations? 
any help appreciated  



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That’s what I thought I booked up



It seems that there are indeed new passholder fares from 1st July according to Man in Seat61 :) don't worry @Brett you booked the right train.

- 29€ (+2€) 2nd class

- 39€ (+2€) 1st class

This works for all TGV Lyria from/to Switzerland.

@rvdborgt @Angelo 

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I have paid for the 5 days in a month rail pass and paid all the reservations so far. 
started adding the pass steps 1 and 2 just haven’t added the pass yet. 

is that all I need to do. 
so I just get on the trains and when asked show my pass and reservations?



Before boarding a train you add it to the Rail Planner app in order to get a QR-code (your ticket). On trains you just show this (+ seat reservation when required).

If you'd like a discount for a (non-included) train ride, for example in the Interlaken area, you go to Interlaken Ost ticket counters and present your pass. Using a discount does not require using a pass day.

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As I have mentioned above my main concern was with the connection time arriving at 10:47 Milano P Garibaldi to Milano Centrale having to get public transport or run with large luggage between the 2 terminals. 
If I miss my 11:20 train then what. 
having to pay for another train or is that in the pass. 
mid there even another train?

Will it take all hours longer and all those types of questions running through my mind. 

We are out of our comfort zone’s having never been to Europe and not ever using rail. 
We are looking forward to adventure just on a tight schedule with all hotels booked and some events booked. 

You'll have enough time. The subway runs every 5 min and takes less than 5.

If you miss the 11:20 due to a previously delayed train, you'll get issued new reservations for the next EC free of charge.

If you miss it due to your own fault (shouldn't happen), you'll have to pay for new reservations for the next EC (at 13:05) or you take the regional train to Domodossola from Milano Porta Garibaldi at 11:46.

Either option would delay your arrival in Interlaken by approximately 2 hours, not a big deal. Simply have lunch in Milan while waiting for the EC

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It seems that there are indeed new passholder fares from 1st July according to Man in Seat61 :) don't worry @Brett you booked the right train.

- 29€ (+2€) 2nd class

- 39€ (+2€) 1st class

Thanks for the heads up.

The reservations page on Interrail/Eurail indeed also reflects this. 2nd class comes down from €35, 1st from €68. They're still expensive enough though.