What Pass should I choose for my trip?

  • 28 January 2022
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Can someone help me with the pass i need please? So my plan would be start from my home town and travel to London i want to travel to Norway so i know i need to travel via various country's i want to keep the cost down so only overnight stays in hotels en-route if i really need to.I wish to be in Norway from 3rd August-7th August so will book 7 night accommodation then do the journey home. May not travel around Norway so much while we are there will maybe hire a car . I am travelling with my teenage son so need to keep him in mind . we are both quite easy going but as a mum i need to make sure we are both safe.



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Its all-since many years, all detailed for you on another site, run by the old station manager of Charing Cross, now running his helpful site:

It lists ALL overland connections, not just trains, fromthe UK to all EUR capitals with further details.

There are also a very few overNIGHT trains along this way, which you may use. Plus that NO is by far the very most expensive country in this trip-stays en-route, f.e. in Germany, will cost roughly half of a HKT night in NO itself.

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Quite easy

London to Amsterdam (by train or Rail & Sail)
Amsterdam - Emshaven
From Emshaven (Dutch/German border) starts from this springs a non included Ferry to Norway :)

Option 2 London - Brussels/Amsterdam - Hamburg (overnight train to Malmö or Stockholm)
Malmö - Göteborg - Norway or Stockholm - Norway  (The train only option)

London - Amsterdam/Brussels - Hamburg - Hirtshals (north Denmark) - Ferry with discount to Oslo/Stavanger or Bergen :)

How ever as you pass several countries a GlobalPass is always needed
Except you take for Option 1 individual cheap tickets (Early bird, Promotions, Saver fares)