What Pass to choose for 4 days of travel?

Hello, looking for advice for our honeymoon in March 2023. We are looking to travel from London to Paris, then Paris to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Berlin and then Berlin back to London.

We have hotels currently booked for 

Paris 22/03 - 26/03

Amsterdam 26/03 - 28/03

Berlin 28/03 - 01/04

We are looking to use the train for the whole trip as not a huge fan of flying and trying to understand if the passes would be worth it in terms of cost, which pass would you choose and how the seat reservations system works. 

Any advice would be appreciated.



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As there is a 50% discount on the one month pass until tomorrow you will need to estimate how many travel days you need. If you need more than 5 travel days then the one month pass with 50 % discount is better. The flex 7 day pass costs as much as the one month pass with 50% discount.

Hi Anna, we only plan on travelling for 4 days so I assume the one month pass may not be our best choice. 

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As you know your travel dates so long in advance there might be a good idea to buy single tickets instead of the pass. For the Eurostar you will need a reservation that costs EUR 30 with Interrail. If you book an ordinary ticket well in advance for the Eurostar, the price is around EUR 40. This means that the ride with Eurostar only will cost around EUR 10 more for a normal ticket than what you would need to pay in reservation fee with Interrail.

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You CAN only book/reserve some 3, occasionaly 4 month advance. This is way, way too early, anything can happen in that long time till there. For these plans it also seems to me that fixed advance prebooked is best-unless you also plan to make many daytrips from those places in bewteen ,even with the discount a pass will not work out cheaper as that

Be aware that the whole trip by train from B to L is rather long&also quite boring-taking some 9 hrs at least. There are as for now also no viable overnight options for this.