What’s the easiest way to get tickets for a continuous Global Pass ?


Hi. What’s the easiest way to get tickets for a continuous Global Pass ?

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Short explanation
Your Ticket is the Contiouspass :)
I assume you mean reservations? Needed on some trains to board. (Especially in France,Italy,Spain)

The easiest way is Eurail/Interrails own reservation service (but they charge a service fee ontop per train of 2€ :/ )

The cheapest way is to reserve (where possible) directly with the operating Railcompany. To assist you further you should mention the countries or the routes you intend to visit/take.

Some members of the community started this post to provide an overview :) If you have further question please ask not there (in the Post “How to get reservation”) to keep this post clean. :)  and ask here in your own post or create a new question :)



Hi Seawolve. Thanks for your response. All I need to know is if your train journey does not need reservations. Can you just turn up with your Mobile Pass and get on the train ? Meaning that the Global Pass is actually your ticket. Cheers 

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If the train doesn’t require a mandatory reservation and you have a mobile pass you just need to enter the journey to your trip in the app and create the QR code which is your ticket. You have to do this before you board the train.

If you have a paper pass you need to either enter the journey as with the mobile pass, but then you wouldn’t get a QR code but show the paper pass, or you would manually write down your journey on the form in the pass.