Which Global Pass to take ?

Hi everyone,

I’ve got a problem to choose the pass for my travel (it’s my first time trying this kind of travel). 

I’m planning on travelling with a friend, and the trip would be the following : first, we would take a night train from Marseille to Vienna (with correspondences) the night of the 15th/16th July.

After, we would take a night train from Vienna to Berlin (a direct) the night of the 18th/19th July.

After, we would take a night train from Berlin to Coppenhaggen (with correspondences) the night of the 21th/22th July.

Finally, we would take a night train from Coppenhaggen to Marseille (with correspondence) the night of the 25th/26th July.

But we don't know which pass to take ?

Sometimes, the website told us it's the 4-days Global pass a month, on other times, the 5-days Global pass a month. So, which one should we take ?

Also, does this pass work when we are planning to take only night trains, sometimes with correspondences ?


Thanks you for your help and advices :)

Have a good trip everyone ! 


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you need 5 days,

because the last day back home you will change trains after midnight. 

Please check that you will not have to change trains after midnight with the other trips. If yes you need more days. 

From Vienna to Berlin there are two trains over the night. One the Nightjet is a night train with seats, couchette and sleeper and compulsory reservation. The other is an Intercity train with only seats, reservation optional.

To Copenhagen there is a Intercity train from Hamburg to Copenhagen that has only seats in the summer every night. Reservation compulsory.


The rule is you need one day if you don't change trains after midnight.

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Have you made reservations for the night train from Berlin to Copenhagen? If not you will most likely need a plan B as the night trains are fully booked for that date.

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15th July : Milan - Vienna has only seats left (13.50€). Alternative : Zurich - Vienna -> all accommodation possible.

Vienna - Berlin : couchettes available (33€)

Berlin - Copenhagen : IC from Hamburg-Altona, departure 23:58 (only seats on this train)

For night trains book ASAP through : add Interrail as a discount. For Copenhagen - Hamburg or

Copenhagen - Marseille : you'll need 2 pass days as you'll have to take trains on 26th July unless you're able to take the night train leaving Copenhagen Airport at 00:05 (to Hamburg)

5 days in a month is the correct pass unless you can fulfill the condition above : 15, 18, 21, (25), 26th July

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@thibcabe The night trains between Berlin/Hamburg and Copenhagen/Malmö/Stockholm are not possible to book through ÖBB/Nighjet. They must be booked through for SJ Euronight. Snälltåget can be booked both through and 

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Yes I forgot to add that note, will edit