Which ID should I use for activating the Mobile Pass

Normally I use my EU ID for activating my pass, not my passport. But for the new continuous Interrail pass I will visit also maybe some countries outside the EU. Do I need to activate the Pass with my passport or is then also the ID sufficient? Of course I have my passport with me then for border control, but I don’t like to take my passport with me when not necessary.


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Whether you need to bring you passport with you or not depends on the regulations for the countries you will visit. This you will need to check yourself.

One thing I know is that you need a passport to enter the UK now.

That’s not my point, as I already mentioned (“ of course I have my passport with me when...”). My question is if it is necessary to use my passport for activating when I also (maybe) visit a non-EU country? Because then I need to carry on always my passport, also when I visit Germany etc.

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NO, use ID for mention on pass.

You do NOT need (assuming you are from EU?) a full passpt to visit all these countries outside of EU-most are content with an EU-ID, even Turkey. Main exception-as always sicne they break away, is UK. Probably becse they never themselves got to having IDs.

Ok. Then i use the ID for activation of the Mobile Pass. And when i should go to the UK, i have both - ID and passport- with me. 

The ID document you use to activate the Pass will be displayed on the tickets that show to the ticket inspector. This inspector may request to see your ID to verify your are the rightfull user of the Pass. So if you don't want to bring your passport all the time I would advise to use your EU ID with the activation of the Pass.