Which pass? One country or Global Pass?

  • 25 January 2022
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Hello, why is the global pass cheaper than the one country pass? We are wanting to interrail around Switzerland but it is cheaper for us to buy the global pass. Will this still give the same experience as one country pass? :) thank you


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4 replies

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Not sure what the logic is but the validity in Switzerland is the same.

If you're only going to travel in Switzerland, the a Swiss Travel Pass can also be an option. A Swiss Travel Pass is valid in all railways (except for a few touristic ones) and all other Swiss public transport.

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@Phoebe Simcock  I follow the suggestion of @rvdborgt  to compare the offers :)

For example you can use the SwissTravelpass for scenic ship routes on Lake Leman or Lake Lucerne :) (Eurail/Interrail give here just a discount)

With a SwissTravelpass you could explore even the scenic Busrides in Switzerland :) E.g. PalmExpress

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That pass is in fact valid on about ALL transit=train/tram/(Postal)Bus and some boats anywhere in Swiss in the inhabited part=untill roughly the last real village, but NOT on the many very expensive mountain sections. It is also valid in nearly ALL musea.

You can also buy 1 day (not valid before 9.00 mo-fr) such passes, only online, from 59CHR-the price rises as the day nears. Check Myswitzerland or No good/not used-NO money back!

In BIG countries, like f.e. The UK, FR, DE indeed a global pass-certainly those for longer duration-can be cheaper as local passes for people who live there, if you do the math and count the price per day.

I think it’s even better to take the global Pass in that case since the one country Pass does not cover the outbound/inbound journeys :)