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  • 10 October 2022
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I’m from Canada and bought the global eurorail pass for my travels in Europe. I have dual citizenship (Canada/Germany) and was hoping to only travel with my German passport and leave the Canadian one safe with family I have in Germany. Currently it’s my Canadian passport # associated with my global pass. Would I have issues since the passport I’m bringing doesn’t match the pass? I will have photocopies of my Canadian passport (I know it’s not a legit document) but at least it shows the same # as the pass.



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Yes, you would likely have issues, possibly serious ones, doing this.


Eurail passes are only sold to those residing outside Europe, you have bought the pass as a Canadian with a Canadian Passport as the linked ID, you need to be able to present this, not a different passport and photo of the correct one, every time it is requested. Failure to present the correct ID document is against the rules of the ticket and could lead to legal and financial consequences.