Which ticket do I need to go from Switzerland to Turkey?

  • 15 June 2021
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Hii, I plan to go to turkey in July. I will leave from Zürich and go to Istanbul. But I don’t know how to get tickets because I will change trains 4 or five times. First from Zürich to Wien, then from Wien to Budapest, then from Budapest to Bucharest. Then from Bucharest to Istanbul. So my question is, do I need to buy the tickets individually. Or can I buy the Inter-rail Global Pass for  5 days and then use it for all the trains, since each country is part of the Pass. And if I buy the Pass how do I activate it and do I need to reserve seats as well.

And I’m going directly meaning I will not stop or stay at the other stations.



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Hi Aliya, 
You can buy the Interrail Global Pass of 5 days tor your trip. We have a mobile and paper Pass. The mobile pass can be activated whenever you want in the Rail Planner App. More information can be found here:
With the paper Pass, you have to set a start date for your Interrail trip during checkout. You need to be sure on what date you'll start travelling. After setting your start date, it's only possible to change it by exchanging your Pass (€15 exchange fee). For more information have a look here:

In our timetable you can check whether the trains you wish to take require reservations: