Which trains (to small places) are included?

  • 19 May 2022
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I am travelling around Paris and to many places in Switzerland. Would trains like the metros in Paris be included in this pass or are they separate? I am also wondering if the trains within Switzerland are included. I would like to take the local trains from Bern, to Lauterbrunnen, to the Interlaken… I am unsure if this pass just includes the trains to big cities within countries or also to all the small places within the countries. Thank you to anyone who responds to my questions. 


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Metro is never included.

In Switzerland, many lines are included, see this map. It's not about stations that are included but trains and lines.

Between Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen, you'll only have a 25% discount though.

Thank you! So for places that aren’t on the map like Lutschental, there would be no pass or discount? And the dotted lines on the map represent discount but not included trains?

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Like I said: it's not about included stations but about lines and trains. Any station that included trains serve is automatically included in the pass. There is not enough space on the map to print all station names.

Lütschental is on the line between Grindelwald and Interlaken. There is a 25% discount on the network south of Interlaken, indeed where you see the dotted lines. Explanation of the lines is at the bottom of the map, in English at the bottom right.

Thank you

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Note that In Swiss there are nearly always also local PASSes for a smaller area that may include many of such (often very, very expensive) mountain trains. Or they give more discount-f.e. that superexpensive Jungfrau bahn is never ever ´free/included´. OR if you mainly want to explore that country, it may even be better to no use InterRail but the Swiss tourist/Holiday pass.

As a very rough rule: with normal pass you can reach about any normal village, but it will not be valid after on mountain sections. And do know that checks on this in Swiss are extremely thorough.

Thank you! 

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Here is information about the Swiss Travel Pass, which includes more trains than Eurail and also all post busses and local transportation in most, if not all Swiss cities.

Here is information about the special pass for the Jungfrau-region.

If you are travelling in the Jungfrau-region I can recommend a visit to Schilthorn rather than the trip up to Jungfraujoch. The turning restaurant gives an excellent views of the surrounding mountains. You need to make reservation in the restaurant and allow enough time for the travel up to the restaurant.

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