Who can I take with me on my travels?

Me and my buddy won an interrail ticket each recently (yeah us!) and we’re currently planning out our journey. 
However, my friend let me know about something he found online, specifically that there is a way to take people with you, who do not have their own interrail ticket? 
The general information we’ve gathered is pretty vague, something about those people being born between specific dates and the like, but I wanted to ask, is this information valid? 
Is it possible to take people who don’t have interrail with you on your travels, and use one ticket for all of you?  


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Discover EU and Eurail (the company behind the passes) provided some winners with a 10% discount code for fellow travelers (that have no pass) on :) Besides that there is no offer to take friends with you.

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These passes are strictly personal and thus cannot even be passed on to someone else.

There are several fb groups where pass-users exchange tips etc. I dont do fb so know nothing further.

A very few railways in some countries have from time to time as promotion some of these offers to regular users-but I´ve never ever heard for this for InterRail etc.