Why can I not show my ticket on a overnight journey after midnight

  • 2 August 2022
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On my trip from Budapest to Pula the overnight part goes from Budapest to Divaca. Before midnight the tickets of all travellers in my coupé where checked and approved. After midnight we where checked again and no one of us 3 was able to show the ticket to the inspecteur.

Since I have to change trains my trip was already split in 2 parts. I showed my ticket for day 2. It was accepted.

Both other travellers were on their way to Ljubljana. They travel with a monthly ticket. They were allowed to travel further.

So why were we not able to show the ticket?


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Did you change the date so that you were trying to show the ticket for the previous day? If you just try to show the ticket after midnight there will be no ticket as the ticket is for the previous day. 

I understand the ticket is valid for only 1 day, but since I am on a overnight trip the ticket is still valid. I expect it to be available in the app to show it to the inspector so he can see I am in the right train. There should not be a discussion with the inspector.

I did not change the date. But will try this work around. Thank you.