Why can't I pay with my credit card?

  • 15 November 2022
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I just wanted to pay the tickets with my credit card, I filled all the forms and my credit card number, but when I clicked the button, all thing just restarted, and it had me to refill the credit card number again. Now, I’m worry about whether I should fill the credit card number again. I’m afraid that I have to the pay double tickets.


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3 replies

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I can't say why that is. However, if this is on the Eurail website, then please check this thread for better places to book reservations:

If you have question after looking at this thread, then please specify route, date and departure time for each train you'd like to book.

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There have been a very few same-same postings about this lately.

BUT I guess you are Chinese? In that case-very often, also due to the bizarre ways that China itself handles foreign things (probably still afraid of foreign devils) and the thing named weChat unknown outside of that country often causes trouble. Of course the Chines themselves see all this quite the other way.

many touristy sights that receive many mainland Chinese need to have installed special other ways to pay with cards-at great expense.

To make RES for trains-always better to use other ways as via app-cheaper too. Best choice is mostly via the railway of that country-but this may vary in how easy that is.

@hsuan Hello!

We apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced when attempting to place an order via our website. We have found that most often this is caused by one of two issues:

1) Pre-authorization required: is based in the Netherlands. As this transaction is considered an international purchase, your credit card company may require your transactions to be pre-authorized. You can do this by contacting your credit card company directly and confirming the purchase you are trying to make.

2) Name/address mismatch: Make sure that the invoice/billing address you provided is registered to your credit card company, and that the cardholder’s name is entered exactly as it is on the credit card.

If you have followed these steps and are still unable to complete your purchase, please try using another credit card. If you chose US dollars or euros for this transaction, you may also pay using a PayPal account.

From our experience, in some cases, payment problems can also be caused by the computer or the browser you are using. Please try ordering again in another browser and if possible, from a different computer - this often solves the problem!