Why can't I use my pass in my home country

  • 15 June 2022
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Hi, I have 3 journeys left on my pass. 

and I would like to use them in my country but they explain to me that I cannot travel with them in my country of origin.  I don't understand ?

Thank you 



3 replies

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Your home-style national society in this hexagone so famous for its TGV and for its weak/bad service on most local lines also will want its income. Wait for this week in sept. ´Euro week of mobility´ for the cheap offers-or scan what your local TER maybe offers.

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Because Interrail is a lot cheaper as some local offers.

For example i bougt for 600€  a 3months globalpass 1.st Class
In Germany you payfor the BC100 (Networkticket Germany) for 3 months 2.227€ for 1st class.

Interrail´s main idea is to learn different Countries and Cultures :) Many years you couldnt travel in your Homecountry at all :/ Luckily they started few years back to offer the Outbound/Inbound Journey´s / days for Globalpass user.

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The outbound/inbound rule says that you only are allowed to travel in your country of residence on a maximum of two travel days. So that's why.