Why do I need to use an inbound/outbound journey if I add travel days for journeys within my country of residence?

  • 17 November 2021
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so I have purchased a pass for 4 travel days, on my first I’m travelling to Italy, therefore I used my outbound journey, the second I come back to Germany, where I use my Inbound journey and afterwards I want to travel some more within germany. But now every time I want to add a trip to my pass I get told that I need to use an Inbound / Outbound journey for it even tho it is within my country of residence. Can someone help with this? I can’t seem to contact anyone from the support team..

Thanks in advance :)




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Hello Natalie


So germany is your country of residence. By reading the rules, you can find out that your pass is basically not valid in your country of residence. In- and outbound days are the only exception.

Back in days not even this exception existed and you needed to buy tickets even to get out of your country until you could use your pass.