Why is there NO way to contact Eurail directly, by phone or email?

  • 15 April 2022
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Why is there NO way to contact Eurail directly, by phone or email (at a reasonably quick response address), or maybe even by text?


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3 replies

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There is no public phone number.

The best way is to use the form. Do mention when you intend to travel because requests are prioritised for urgency and your travel date is an important factor for how urgent you are.

You can also explain your problem here so people can make suggestions.

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The real reason is that ALL the 100+ local traincompanies are those responsible for it and to give service and info. As is the heritage of some 60+ years of selling thee passes to USAers-and later to other outof the continent. Nowadays noone really seems to understand this concept anymore

Thank you. That does answer the why part. I’ve nearly always heard good things about Eurail pass. It does seem the actions they do take oon the website could be  a little mor user friendly and intuitive, but intuitive Thanks again is defined more by your experience and your own culture.