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  • 14 December 2022
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I have been travelling with 4 day pass, since my travel time was very limited. After I had used 3 days of my travel, my phone broke.

I had to replace the old phone with new one to be able to continue my travel, and I try to logg in to the app. I discovered that there was no way to logg in to the app from my new device. 

I didnt know how to contact IR at that time, and there was no informaton in Terms and Conditions that you can only use your pass from the same device. I think this system is rather complicated, if I could not fix it myself.


I think in this keys I should get some refund or be able to use my last ticket at other time.


My ticket expires 17th of December but in this time I cant use it becouse I am working now.



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I know that Interrail/Eurail are working on making the process for moving the pass from a lost/broken device easier, but I don't know when or how that will be done. 


The information about what to do if you lose or break your phone is in the FAQ for Interrail.


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THink of this the other way-as this most often shows the answer on many such questions: how can they prevent double use of a pass when it was made too easy? Anyone can claim the fone was lost/stolen/broke/whatever. But as is so often the case-people only start reading and asking when the facts are there and not for ´just in case´. An old-style paper pass would be lost for the rest days if it as lost/stolen/whatever. In many respects it is a copycat of that for the new style mobile.

That is also the reason why in many cases normal tickets are non-refundable at all once ordered online.