Why suggest a 5 day pass for 4 travel days?

  • 4 January 2023
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I’ll be visiting 5 cities in March. When planning my trip on the Eurail site, I said that there will be 4 travel days. When selecting the pass, it suggested that I may not have enough travel days planned, and suggested I get a 5 day pass. I’m a little confused...does it not take into account that the city in which you start from does not need to be traveled to? I arrive there on a plane…

Or is it suggesting a 5th travel day in case Things Go Wrong?


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The planner on the site is just a broad indication, it calculates with one travel day per stop you do - which indeed is one too many if you’re starting and ending by flight. Some routes are however not doable in just one travel day (eg. Lisbon to France), so if you want to be sure that it’s possible you should check timetables or sites such as Might be why it adds an extra day.

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I've seen too many problems reported with the trip/destination planning thingie on the Eurail website.

Therefore, you won't be sure until you use an actual and reliable timetable planner, such as the DB website, to look up timetables. With the results, count the travel days you need.