Will an interrail pass be worthwhile for us?

  • 4 September 2022
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Apologies, complete interrail amateur here. We are in the UK from Australia. 


We wish to travel from London to Brussels on the 14th September. 

Then from Brussels to Stuttgart. Stuttgart to Bern. Bern to Chamonix. Chamonix to Paris. All within a month. 


Would a 5/7 day rail pass be suitable for us? 


Main concern is buying one and not being able to book onto a train from London to Brussels on the 14th. Is there anyway to check in advance of purchasing?  


Thanks for any help 


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Eurail themselves don't seem to want prospective travellers to be able to check pass holder seat availability.

Fortunately, you can check Eurostar seat availability here (€30 in 2nd or €38 in 1st class):

I still see lots of available seats on that day but don't wait too long to book.

Brussels-Stuttgart and Stuttgart-Bern have optional reservations and can be booked via DB (use “Seat only”) (€4.50 in 2nd or €5.90 in 1st class, price per journey including all bookable trains).

Bern-Chamonix doesn't need any reservations. You can book some domestic Swiss trains but that's a waste of money.

Chamonix to Paris needs a TGV reservation from Bellegarde to Paris, which can be booked here (10 or 20€, depending on availability):

You have to do the math yourself to decide whether a pass is worth the money. You can use e.g. to check normal (advance) fares.

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Just a small point, as you are from Australia it is an Eurail pass that you would need.