Will changes to replacement busses use a travel day

  • 25 July 2023
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I'm planning to travel Hamburg (*edit Hamburg, not Munich!) to Copenhagen with train IC390 (usually a direct train between Hamburg and CPH). Due to construction work on the Danish railway there is a change to a replacement bus and then a change to a regional train.

IC390 from Hamburg to Fredericia

Replacement bus from Fredericia to Slagelse

IC60408 From Slagelse to Copenhagen

The train departures from Hamburg at 23:56 so the changes will be the day after. Will these changes count for an extra travel day or could I add the whole trip manually and only use one travel day? 



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3 replies

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I think you mean Hamburg and not Munich.

This would use 2 pass days but you can buy a ticket to the first stop after midnight and then use a pass day.

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Good question, it’s a difficult one this, as in normal circumstances this journey would only take one travel day.

Something for the staff @Mukhammad or or @Olga. 

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@Nils @BrendanDB 

According to the App, it will take 2 travel days due to changing to another transportation on the day after. @Nils You may also contact our customer service if there is anything they can provide related to the issue caused by the travel disruption.

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