With the Interrail Global Pass 2 months, can I travel multiple or one time to countries other than mine?

  • 12 February 2022
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Hello, I want to buy pass interrial global for 2 months, does it mean I can travel every weekend during this to months to another countries from mine ? Or it only one time ticket ?

thanks in advance 

5 replies

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@Ann Tukman  I would say Russia (if you have a russian passport) as you then doesn´t have to consider the Inbound/Outbound rule and can travel without any limit in France ;)

If you choose France you would have just one outbound journey (to get out of france or to the Harbour/Airport) and one inbound to get back home

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Yes and NO!

IN side your own country you are only entitled to 1 trip OUT and 1 IN (can also be to airports, or border points by train)

So depending on what that country is and if you have to pay a lot for all the other trips inside, it may add up. Also on that mobile pass it may be a trick to put in the trips to/fro border points or even in some countries to get tickets to/fro borders. These are not always stations, but imaginary tariff points.

I had the very same last autumn (sep/oct), a 2-month pass (in fact a replace for one for 2020-cancel due to pandemic then). But I live in a fairly small country and have a local off-peak season there, so it did not bother me. I did not make 1 long trip, but 8 shorter (from 4-8 days), some of these I flew out and came back all the way by train (from Spain). So I could also minimize the luggage to carry.

You are happy if you live in LUXemburg, as transport there is free. But if you live in the far north of SE=Sverige, or in the UK (only train of course the very expensive €*), it is another thing!

Now I m living in France , but actually I’m from Russia 

so which country is better to choose as my homeland? 

@seewulf  you said “travel without any limit in France” but I’m going to buy a card pass interrial global, so it is only for France or I’m missing something 

thanks in advance 

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A Interrail Global Pass is valid for all Countries of the Interrailnetwork :)
The only restriction on Interrail is the Homeland rule (you have just one Journey to leave your Country and one to enter your Country) Means if you get a Interrail globalpass with a French Passport or French ID Card you can travel only these 2journey´s within France.
If you use a other Passport or ID-Card like a Russian or Turkish one you can travel in France without this restrictions.