Would the 5-day-global pass enough?

  • 20 November 2023
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Hi to everyone!

We are planning the following trip:


hometown (location Germany) to Hamburg

22.03h Hamburg night train to Stockholm 9.57h (arrival Saturday)


18.08h Stockholm to Narvik 12.40h (arrival Sunday)

But this ‘costs’ only 2 days of the ticket, as the last train is a nighttrain and is an overnight connection and the journey ends with this train.

The journey back:


15.11 Narvik to Stockholm 10:09h (arrival Saturday)

17:34h Stockholm to Hamburg 8:56h (arrival Sunday)

Hamburg → hometown (in Germany)

But here it ‘costs’ 3 days, because there is another change of train in Germany travelling home.

But, to sum-up, the 5-day ticket would be ok. Am I right?

Thank you for your help and feedback!

Maybe some stupid questions but I never did Interrail before (although travelling a lot with trains).

Bye, Stephan


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Yes, your calculations are correct.

Depending on where you live it may be cheaper to use only 4 days pass and either Deutschlandticket or separate ticket from Hamburg on your way home.


Thank you!

And yes, exactly… we already calculated this. And also thought about the 10-days-global-pass which is (at the moment as it is ‘sale’) not much more money than the 5-days-pass, and do some more journeys, but this is also not THAT easy (also topic in the chat before and no need to discuss here).


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Yes this would work using 5 pass days. You’ll have to do some trick for the way back as otherwise the app will use Saturday and Sunday as inbound/ountbound days even though you’re only in Germany on Sunday.

Add Stockholm - Odense (manually if needed) and then Odense - Hamburg - etc. That way only Sunday will count as an inbound/outbound day. See :

You need to pay accommodation onboard night trains on top of the pass. A couchette or a sleeper is the way to go (seats are not recommended at all). For example 2 couchettes (compartment shared with other passengers) cost 454 SEK (40€) for both of you. 954 SEK (84€) for a private compartment → the way to go in my opinion ! Check and add Interrail as a discount. :)

Depending on your dates it might be cheaper to book separate tickets. If you want me to check mention travel dates. :)

Feel free to ask further questions


Thank you very much! Very kind!

Indeed, maybe I would need your support again… But when I will split the journey from Stockholm to Hamburg alike you mentioned, what about the couchette or sleeper reservation? Do it also need to be split (independent if then booked via ‘Interrail’ or ‘SJ’)?

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No, nothing to worry about reservations. It’s some sort of a bug on the Rail Planner which should’ve been corrected a long time ago :)

I’d recommend booking through SJ : clearer overview, no booking fees and you’re better informed in case of disruptions.


Ok… for the SJ version of reservation… where is it possible / necessary to add Interrail as a discount? I cannot find… Do I first have to create an account?


Found it :-)


But for Children / Youth it is not possible to add interrail… Do I have to add them as adults?


I found also this ;-)

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But for Children / Youth it is not possible to add interrail… Do I have to add them as adults?

Yes, add the children as adults on the SJ website.