Wrong activation date on my mobile pass

  • 11 October 2022
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I’ve bought my pass and added it to the Rail Planner App.  I meant to activate it for December 23 but have accidentally activated it for January.  I have no trips on it yet?  Can I deactivate it and then reactivate it - the site suggests you can.  If so how do I do that, on the app.  All the instructions seem to deal with activation - but don’t tell you how to deactivate both on the app and website.

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6 replies

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This video gives a good tutorial:

Should play at deactivation section but do watch the whole thing.

Thank you very much and for the video.  I have managed to deactivate it OK but when I try to reactivate again it still goes to January 23 2023.  I guess I’m going to need customer services for this one?

Anyway, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.  I’ve done half of it.


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There should be no problem to activate the pass for another date, but the recommendation is to wait with activating the pass until you are about to board the first train of your travel.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.  So do you not need an active pass to book the trains, just the pass number?  I misunderstood and thought you had to activate it first - sorry.


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If you activate the pass and your travel plans unexpectedly would change on the start date of the validity of the pass, then you can't make any changes to the validity. The start date is also automatically made a travel day so if you have a flexi pass you can loose a travel day.

Thank you for this.  I think I’m beginning to get an idea of how it works now.