wrong birth dates, time zone problem

  • 25 September 2022
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I recently purchased passes and the birthdates were each off by one day.  Will be traveling in a couple of weeks. The response i got back didn’t help, apparently it’s a glich in the system related to time zones. I wonder if it’s necessary to have the correct birth date when using this pass?


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3 replies

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Do you have a mobile pass? In that case you need to contact Customer Support to get help with this.  You can use the form below. Please clearly write when you plan to start your travel.

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We are currently working on the timezone issue as that affects reservations from our self-service too. There is no clear timeline yet of when this will be completed. For passes though, please note that your date of birth should be displayed correctly on your pass once you're Europe and your devices automatically adjust to CET. If you'd like to make reservations while you're still in the US, please adjust your device's settings to CET so that the tickets are issued on the correct date :) 

Thank you.  I loaded into the mobile app & the date did adjust.