Wrong country of residence for my 10-year old son, travelling in 2 days!

  • 18 July 2022
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Hi, we have a urgent issue. 

We are travelling in 2 days with our 3 children. All have the correct country of residence (NL) except for our son who erroneously has country of residence Ukraine in the booking. Last week we asked for support to have this error undone and to change this to Netherlands but so far have not received a response. His card has not been activated yet (for the rest it has been activated).

Is there anyone who can please help solve this problem before Wednesday?

Thanks very much in advance!!! 🙏

Kind regards, Jorieke


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4 replies

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Only Customer Support can fix this. Does your son have a child's pass or a youth pass?

A child pass

We did send an e-mail to the Customer Support a few days ago, but there was no response so far. We also made contact with chatbot, but also no response.

Because we are travelling tomorrow it is pretty urgent and we are not sure wether we should try to activate the child pass of my son or not?? Could anyone help or advice us?? 

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@Claudi.Moll Immediate help needed.