Wrong name on pass and after 6 days still no answer from Eurail

  • 3 August 2021
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I’am waiting for 6 days now for an answer from Eurrail to change my name on my mobile pass. Is there a way to do this yourself in the account? I haven’t activated te pass yet, but I need the pass soon.


Best answer by Nanja 3 August 2021, 14:42

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7 replies

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Hi Jantiene, only our Customer Support team is able to change details on your Pass. Can you please provide me with your email address via a private message? Thanks, 

Hi Nanja,

Thank you for your reaction. My e-mail adres is  xxx

Moderator note: I have deleted your email address as we advise to not share any personal details publicly on this forum. 


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Thanks for your email address. Next time please share it via a private message. One of our Customer Support agents will get back to you today. Cheers, 

Currently you are responding to requests for travelers help with a notification that you will respond within 4 days. This is absurd for a traveler and so far has cost me twice as much as my 60 day pass. This is not acceptable for travelers in foreign countries where you have no representatives and no way to get on a train without your assistance. I'm going to see how many times I can post this before your response and problem resolution occur. At this point you're costing me $100/day - and covid is no excuse - problem solvers can work from home with a terminal/laptop and cell phone. I can no longer support your company if you don't support me! 

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Hi James, thanks for your feedback. Messages are responded to in order of priority (date of travelling). I am sorry to hear you haven't been able to get in touch with our Customer Support when you needed it while travelling. Can you provide me with your email address via a private message? Thanks, 

If you want me to send you my email address by private message-it would really be helpful if you would add a link to your private message server period I've sent you my email address 

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Sorry that it was not clear. You can hover over the avatar to see the profile card. In the top right corner you see a envelope icon which you can click to send a private message. See screenshot below.