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  • 18 November 2023
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I ordered 2 senior passes and have received 2 youth passes for 2 other people with a different order number,  I don’t want to change to a mobile pass having read so many negative comments about the app and neither do I want to order 2 new passes (cost £1000+) then send back the other ones (because I don’t have them!) and wait for a refund.  This is totally Interrail’s fault for putting the passes in the wrong envelopes! What can I do? Thanks for your help.



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8 replies

To close out this topic, I’m pleased to say that Mijaila at Customer Service was very helpful and arranged replacement passes which we’ve now received.  Thanks to you all on here for your support!

Thanks that’s reassuring!  No I’m afraid this is an interrail issue as we have been sent someone else’s passes. Anyway really appreciate your replies.

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No, both are valid websites. is the official website of the Eurail company while is a well-known retailer based in the UK.

Looks like there was a mistake during the mailing process, maybe it is due to PostNL and not Interrail. In any case customer support should help here as soon as they turn up. :)

Thanks for your reply. Did I make a mistake in buying through the site rather than Is there any difference?

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@LUCYPRISCILLA Only Customer Support can help you with this. You can also reach Customer Support through Facebook.

@Camilo. @Mukhammad 

Further to this, the PostNL tracking number I was given was not the same as the tracking number on the package I received (with the other person’s passes) 
The tracking number in my confirmation email is for a package that has gone to India (I am in UK)!
I have had one response from customer support now, but no sign of resolution yet. Feeling I’m living in a parallel universe here especially since realising about the different tracking numbers. Meanwhile continuing to book seats  and accommodation as travelling around Xmas and New Year. Can anyone reassure me that this will get sorted. Thanks very much for your help. 

Many thanks. I will do that. 

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Contact customer support ASAP here :

@Mukhammad @Camilo.