Celebrating 10,000 members and counting

  • 22 August 2022
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Celebrating 10,000 members and counting
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WOOHOO! 🌟 We're so excited to share the news that…


The Eurail Community has reached 10,000 members! It's an incredible milestone in Eurail's journey, to have you (yes, all of you) as part of this amazing community of train travel enthusiasts of all ages and from every corner of the globe. 


The community platform is a place to share your questions and opinions on train travel. And we’re thrilled that it quickly became a place where you guys jump in and help each other out, and connect with like-minded people (this was all down to you). 

It has truly been a year of incredible itinerary ideas, Q&A’s, product feedback, tips and tricks, lifelong connections, user test sessions, and more.

And therefore…

💟 We want to give a massive shoutout to our incredible 10,000 membersA HUGE thank you for your passion, curiosity, and generosity to help make European train travel accessible to the many; this is what makes our online community truly special. None of it would have been possible without you. 



Kudos to our top community members for your continued involvement and contribution to the world of European train travel 😊💎:

  • @rvdborgt 
  • @seewulf
  • @AnnaB


We appreciate all your help in making the Eurail Community a welcoming space for everyone and look forward to growing this community with your continued support. We can't wait to welcome the next 10,000 members. 


Eurail Community team

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Badge +1 to the next milestone. Three cheers and all the best.