Eurail welcomes the European Sleeper to our rail network 💤🚂

  • 12 June 2023
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Eurail welcomes the European Sleeper to our rail network 💤🚂
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Imagine boarding in Brussels and waking up in Berlin with a whole day of exploration in front of you. From July 1st as a Pass holder you can include the latest night train on your Eurail/Interrail rail adventure by booking a seat reservation directly via the European Sleeper website. The train runs between Brussels and Berlin with 8 stops along the way including Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Deventer.  


By including a journey with the European Sleeper in your itinerary, you can cover large distances, like Edinburgh to Berlin for example, and only use one of the travel days included in your Pass.  


Who is this new train on the tracks?  

European Sleeper is a new Dutch-Belgian rail cooperative organisation focusing on sleeper trains. At the end of May 2021, European Sleeper raised €500,000 in starting capital within three months by selling shares to over 350 small investors from various countries in Europe and beyond. In 2022, an amazing €2,000,000 in shares were sold. This has created an enthusiastic community, which is involved in the development of the business. 


What’s the next stop for European Sleeper?

European Sleeper is moving full steam ahead! They plan to expand its service yearly and aims to reach Dresden and Prague as early as spring 2024. 


Stay tuned for a sneak peek into what it’s like to travel on the European Sleeper! Our Product Specialist Hugo journeyed on the inaugural trip from Brussels to Berlin and we’ll be sharing his experience soon. 


Will you be adding the European Sleeper to your itinerary? Tell us your plans in the comments!

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A quick check shows it is easy to book interrail/eurail reservations on their own site, you just check the IR option in the group details. The saving in a sleeper seems to be about £80. It seems only available in shared accomodation.

Limited options on cancellation.