Nice to meet you 👋🏻

  • 23 May 2023
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Hey 👋🏻

I’m Sarah, your new Online Community Manager from Eurail/Interrail! I’m a train travel and food enthusiast. I’m always planning my next meal and my next trip. 

Next meal tacos, and next destination Norway! 🌮🚂⛰️

I’m over the moon to be a part of this community. I look forward to connecting with you + exchanging knowledge and inspiration about traveling in Europe! 

4 replies

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Hi Sarah,

We have been waiting for you 🙂

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Thank you for the warm welcome @AnnaB 😊

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Hi Sarah welcome in the community! Hope that we will have great time all together here in the Eurail community.

And I hope that maybe we can make the Eurail and Interrail experience better for all travelers.


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Thank you @Angelo! I’ve heard so many positive things about the community and I’m excited to dive in. We can for sure make the Eurail & Interrail experience better 🤗