Ranks & badges; how do they work?

  • 17 June 2021
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Here in the Eurail Community we like to show recognition of your involvement to inspire and help others to make the most of their Interrail and Eurail experience.


Rank titles are an indication of how active you’ve been. The more you chat with and help other members, the faster you will move up a rank. They come in various shapes and with additional icons and will contribute in making your profile special and unique.  

As you progress through the ranks, you’ll also see that your ‘reputation bar’ increases. That’s the green bar that sits underneath your user picture.



Badges are a way of highlighting and rewarding your valuable contributions in either specific or all sections of the community.

How to get them?
You will unlock badges by participating in topics of interest. Some badges are earned quickly. Others are unlocked the more you get involved.

You can get them by answering questions, posting topics and comments or doing other things. As you are explorers at heart we will leave it up to you to discover this by yourself.

What type of badges can I get?
All right, this actually should've remained secret, but we can feel your curiosity, so we’ll just give away the type of badges that can be earned:

Traveller trait badges 🙃, such as
Easygoing = someone who is helpful

Train- related badges 🚄 (for the real rail masters among us), such as
Trainsetter: someone who has used different ways to help out.

Sightseeing badges 🏝 highlighting special places, stations or railway lines in Europe, such as
Lake Bled: For posting 6 comments, like the 6 km walk around Lake Bled in Slovenia!
-> The number of comments equal of the distance covered (to reach the top, walk around it and so on)

Exclusive one-off badges 💎
Some badges (like ‘’the party starter’’ on launch day) can only be earned on a particular day. No worries, you will be the first one to know when such a badge can be earned.

Curious about all our badges? We’ll let you discover the others on your own! Answering questions and contributing to discussions is the quickest way to keep them coming!

Let the journey of exploration begin!

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