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  • 7 October 2022
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Dear all, 

Did you ever look for an answer or some recommendations for your trip? And did you receive the information you needed from one of the community members?

👉🏻 Join the topic below to say THANK YOU 😀 

I couldn't agree more with your topic, @Yorkie. Let's follow by example


To all, please give feedback on how you your situation is solved in the end and be thankful for those taking the time to help you 😀 

The amazing bunch of active users are working around the clock to help all of YOU with your questions. And the best thing is…. they are helping you out as they are truly passionate about train travel, And no, they are not working for Eurail, they are just eager to share their expertise in their own time to help you explore Europe by train. 

@rvdborgt, @seewulf, @AnnaB, @Al_G, @Angelo, @Yorkie, @MartinM,  @mcadv, @BrendanDB, @cdwatkins19 thanks for sharing your expertise with the world 🙏🏻

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