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  • 9 December 2022
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I will interrail in 2023 in UK and Ireland. I would have time for two months but I don’t know if it’s worth spending the whole two months there? I have no planned route and however I’d like to hike some days in the scottish highlands. Would you recommend buying the one or two months pass? Or have some must-sees in the region?


Thanks for the help!


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Jene ´muss mann sehen´ stehen ja in jeder Guidebook/Reiseführer. Bestimmt hat deine Stadtbücherei noch solche-wenn auch nicht die ganz aktuelle (denn die gibt es überhaupt nicht mehr). Alte Schlösser usw ändern sich nicht jedes Jahr. Ebenso wie die gekannte Orte wie Shakespeare=Stratford/Avon oder rund Lake District (mit die 2 Frauen-Autore).

It is certainly possible to spend 2 monthes in GB (they also have Wales-also some mountains, but it all is a lot less as Swiss itself-though prejudice also has it that the Swiss still want to see mountains and the Germans want to go to beach+sea) without doubling up too much-but that of course also depends on your interests. it is NOT a very cheap country-but compared to Swiss its always cheaper. Very wide network of hoStels-YHA/SHA aimed at walkers and wanderers.

Rather as the full 2month I would first check if the X days in 2 MO is not a better plan-hiking high up will not involve much train riding. Ireland-that green republic, is certainly different from GB and in such a time you have perfectly possible to squeeze in for 1 week or so. Check very carefully about ferries-it MAY even be cheaper/better to book yourself on a coach (thats the word they use over there for long-dist. buses-other as in Swiss there is a full network competing with trains since 100 yrs) from a larger town in ENG till Dublin/town or so. The same may in fact apply for the Channel crossing-a coach fare may be less as the 30/33€ you have to pay on a pass to use the €*.

DO-DO be very much aware that a global pass is the better buy-includes also the trips to/from there and let you go elsewhere in case it really disappoints-plus that 1 country is really what it says; ONLY ONE!

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You could easily spend one or two months in UK. Unlike France and Spain it is pass friendly. You’ll need to decide what interests you and do a lot more research to decide if UK is for you. If you want sun and sand Scotland is not for you!

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You can definitely spend two months there but it is worth to check out if a 10 day flexi pass or 15 day flexi pass within 2 months is sufficient for you. For example in the Lake District they have really cheap bus ticket offers for a week (around 30 pound) and with hiking you can easily spend a week there. Also in Scotland they have some kind of explorer ticket for the buses… as well as in Cornwall (5 pound day ticket or I think 20 pounds for a week in that area)

To get to Ireland maybe a Sail&Rail ticket will be a good option.

Overall you can easily spend two months in this to countries… lots of things to see and do.